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Truck mount carpet cleaning in Newmarket, Ontario

Posted by James Ion on January 17, 2020 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (3)

If you're looking for the ultimate carpet cleaning in Newmarket, ON, Ionator Cleaning Solutions is the company to call. Our high pressure truck mount system is the most powerful, thorough carpet cleaning system available and will give you the best cleaning results possible as well as fast dry times. Most of our carpet cleaning competitors around Newmarket, ON are utilizing portable extractors which are not in the same league as a truck mount system. Our truck mount units cost around $100,000 installed for a new moving unit. Thats about 20 times the cost of a top of the line portable extractor system.

We believe our carpet cleaning customers in Newmarket, ON deserve the best possible quality cleaning available. We provide the deepest clean available. We use more water to clean your carpets but also leave them drier than other methods. Our system has a powerful industrial strength vacuum system that recovers over 95 percent of the applied water and 100 percent of the detergent. Thoroughly rinsing detergent is ideal for carpet and upholstery not re-soiling quickly after the cleaning. Cleaners or detergents if not fully rinsed leave residue which over time attracts dirt and re-soil carpets more rapidly than it should.

How to Remove Indentations in Carpet in 3-4 Simple Steps

Posted by James Ion on January 2, 2020 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (2)

How to Remove Indentations in Carpet Easily

1. Dampen a towel preferably a white cloth or towel. Place the damp towel over the indent you wish to remove.

2. Now apply a hot clothes iron to the top of the cloth. Hold for 15-20 seconds at first and lift the towel off and inspect. Depending the temperature of the iron you may be able to hold longer but its important to keep the cloth or towel damp.

3. You can use a spoon to lift the carpet fibers and fluff the carpet up. Skip this step with berber as it could damage the berber carpet fiber.

4. Re dampen cloth or towel and repeat these steps until the indentation has been removed. 

Thats how you can remove indentations in carpet by yourself. Almost as simple as it gets!

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning in Winter Months

Posted by James Ion on January 1, 2020 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (7)

“I’m just going to wait until Spring.” This is a quote heard over and over in the industry. However, before uttering those words yourself, consider the following points.


First, more than any other time of the year you’re spending more of your time in your home. With the cold and snow other than the necessities, you stay in the comfort of your home. Who really wants to look at those unsightly stains while stuck indoors? They look bad and leave a bad impression on your guests.


Second, more than any other time of the year, you’re spending LOTS of time in your home. Same point different angle. Frozen debris, soil, and other pollutants are tracked in with the salt. The will embed in the carpet and enter your air. Additionally, allergens don’t stop in the winter. This embedded soil will affect your carpets ability to filter out allergens and affect the air you and your family breathe. Carpet cleaning will remove the soil and allergens from the carpet making your time inside much healthier. Don’t wait four months.


If that isn’t enough, consider the damage to the flooring in which you invested so much money. Snow melt and road salts are extremely high alkaline products. When left untreated, and constantly grinded into your carpet they can cause permanent damage to your carpet fibers, making them much more susceptible to abrasions and other damages. This will greatly reduce the life expectations and appearance of that major investment. Additionally, that un-checked build-up of chemical, frozen debris, and soil can very much affect the effectiveness of that spring carpet cleaning; making return trips or living with inadequate results a fact of life later.


Finally, despite what people believe, your carpet will dry quicker in the winter. The heat in your home, and the dry air, makes the winter a perfect time to clean your carpet. Quick drying will minimize the inconvenience of the service call and lead to better cleaning results.  Potential soil wicking up from the pad and backing through the carpet fiber will be greatly minimized.


Should you have your carpet cleaned in the winter? Absolutely yes. In fact, because of misconceptions, carpet cleaning appointments are easier to book in the winter as schedules are lighter. Getting a convenient time scheduled for you will be easiest during those months. Your service techs at Ionator Cleaning Solutions are available to meet your demands. Following our services, we would strongly recommend a “no shoe” policy on your carpet. If you need help with that policy, I can refer you to my mother for pointers on implementing a brutally enforced, but effective program. “ No Shoes”, combined with regular cleanings from Ionator Cleaning Solutions will revive your carpet’s appearance and maximize its lifespan.


Call Ionator Cleaning Solutions for a free over the phone quote. 905-955-5396

How Often Should My Carpet Be Professionally Cleaned

Posted by James Ion on December 26, 2019 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (1)

How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned?

Carpet requires regular vacuuming. If you're someone who vacuums your carpet regularly thats great. Although regular vacuuming isn't the only thing needed to maintain and preserve your carpets life and stay clean. Carpet experts recommend homeowners and businesses professionally clean their carpet professionally cleaned at least once per year.

That doesn't mean everyone should follow the one year routine. There are may aspects that need to be taken into account to decide how frequently your carpet should be professionally cleaned.

Carpet Manufacturers Warranty

Is your carpet under warranty? If you said yes, you should read over the warranty documents and see the conditions that have to be met. Commonly many carpet manufacturers recommend you need to get your carpet steam cleaned/hot water extracted once per year. Failure to follow this condition may well void the warranty from the carpet manufacturer. 

No warranty? If you have no warranty or the warranty has expired it is your discretion as to when or how often you should cean your carpet. There are a few things you may want to consider prior to hiring professionals to do the job.

Carpet Traffic

More people lead to more traffic. Clean socks, outdoor shoes or slippers are factors in how often carpet will need cleaning. If you're talking about the traffic at the office's entrance, then its pretty obvious it goes through heavy traffic every day. If thats the case you should have it professionally cleaned once per month. Areas or rooms with much left traffic and further from the outside elements can be cleaned less frequently like every 6 months to a year depending the amount of foot traffic.

If you're a busy larger family in your home you may want to have the carpet professionlly cleaned twice per year depending the age of your children. Little ones typically leave the carpets more soiled than older children. Larger families should increase the frequency of professional cleaning to mantain the life of the carpet.

Do you Own Pets?

If you own and have cats or dogs living in your home, you should really consider having your carpet professionally cleaned every 6-9 months. Cleaning of carpet more frequently is highly recommended due to your furry pets sheeding fur and other dander on the carpets daily. Although vaccuming often is crucial to keeping carpet maintained, the bacteria and soils these furry animals track in from outside can damage the carpet fiber, reducing the carpet life. No matter how clean you try and keep your pets , their fur is vulnerable to pests and microorganisms that can damage the carpet. Vacuuming carpet frequently will reduce the need for professional cleaning but twice a year is still recommended by carpet experts.


Buying and installing carpet can cost in the thousands of dollars. Cleaning costs in the hundreds of dollars. Over the years keeping your carpet clean will increase its life and in the end save you the replacement cost by your carpet lasting much longer when compared to neglecting regualar professional cleanings. As well, it is always nice to have fresh clean carpet. Clean carpet protect you from unhealthy bacteria, which can lead to allergies and other potential health problems. Clean carpet also improves the beauty of your home and will mentally make you feel better about your home. Creating a carpet cleaning timeline or schedule based on the amount of foot or pet traffic is a great way to insure maximum carpet life in your home.

Scented/Deodorized Vs. Hypoallergenic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Posted by James Ion on December 22, 2019 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Has your pet had some accidents and now you need your carpet or upholstery cleaned as well as deodorized to combat the pet stain odour? Are you sensistive to cleaning various products and you need a cleaning that uses hypoallergenic products? 

Depending your situation you may need a certain type of product for your situation. Ionator Cleaning Solutions offers different types of cleaning products depending on your specific situation or fabric type. We have 4 different pre treatments for carpet or upholstery. We also carry cotton & wool specific cleaners for your more delicate fabrics.

If you are sensative to certain cleaning products you may want to opt for a hypoallergenic cleaning service. Hypoallergenic cleaning products are scent free and will minimize the potential for an allergic reaction. If you think you are in need of a hypoallergenic cleaning just let the technician know before the cleaning or even better let us know when scheduling your appointment.

Our pre sprays to address pet odours are scented with different scents and help combat the pet dander and most urine smells in the carpet or even your upholstery. We recommend using vinagar to soak and blot pet stains after they've occured to minimize the stain potential as well as the odour.

Carpet Cleaning- Cleaning a spill or Pet Urine Stain on Carpet

Posted by James Ion on December 9, 2019 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Cleaning a Drink Spill or Pet Urine Stain on Carpet

Cleaning a drink spill or pet urine stain is pretty simple if you follow these important steps.

1. Blot up with preferably a white or light coloured towel as quickly as possible to soak up as much as the liquid as possible. You fold and place the
towel over the spill and place a hard covered textbook and stand on the towel or textbook to soak up as much as you can before performing the next step.

2. Pour up to 1 litre of white vinegar on the stain at a time and let soak in for 30 seconds. Pour the vinegar and water on the stain and soak twice the diameter of the original stain as the spill will spread to a wider area the further down it gets into the carpet backing and underpad. You can also dilute the vinegar with hot water up to 50/50 if desired. Blot up with a clean light towel and again you can use a hard covered textbook or something similar that is hard and flat you can place over the towel and stand on top of to blot up the vinegar and water. If nothing is available to stand on just stand directly on the towel with your feet.

3. Repeat step 2 a few times depending on severity of the stain. You may find the stain is still slightly visible once the area is dry. If so repeat the process over as there is still a bit of the spill in the carpet or underpad and will wick back to the surface during the drying process. Once the carpet dries free of any stain you have successfully removed the spill or stain from the carpet and underpad.

4. If you have an extra fan laying around you can position the fan over the wet area of carpet and speed dry the carpet for best results. If you don't have a fan available good air circulation, good room temperature and low humidity will be important during the drying process.