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Furniture Removal

Please have the areas to be cleaned ready for the cleaning prior to the technician arriving. It is recommended moving any furniture possible out of the rooms or on top of beds etc if cleaning behind or underneath is desired. If the technician cannot access the carpet it wont be able to be properly pre treated and cleaned.

 If you'd like to clean underneath a bed, dresser, or other hard to move pieces of furniture, removal of                                               the piece of furniture would be required.


     Vacuum Carpet Prior to Cleaning

It is highly recommended to vacuum your carpet prior to a carpet cleaning. Our truck mount system does an excellent job cleaning the dirt, grease and other substance's from your carpet but cannot always pick up the lint and hair that can accumulate on carpet over time. Failure to do so could result in an extra charge for our technician to pre vacuum. 

Our powerful vacuum system has a filter to catch hair, lint or other debris. Excess debris could result in a loss of suction towards                                                            the end of the job which could effect the end                                                                 result as well as dry times and is why a good                            vacuum prior is needed.